Why Ask Enri?

My clients are regular hardworking people who want an advisor they can trust to guide them through life’s financial decisions and stages. They want easy-to-understand advice that gets them where they want to go. In a sea of gurus, personalities, salespeople, and conflicting information from the financial service industry, many find it difficult to find unbiased guidance specific to their situation. This causes unnecessary confusion and fear which leads to poor decisions and delays in taking meaningful action.

My philosophy is to focus on the desires of my clients and not the products we use to get there. My financial planning process is designed to get clients working towards their dreams by skipping the dog and pony show and high pressure sales tactics. When you hire a contractor to build the house, they focus on where you want the lights, windows, sinks and doors, not which tools they will use to build the structure. Through clear language, education, and specific advice, we figure out what you're looking for in life then we use the appropriate tools to layout an easy to understand road map and get you moving along the path. Let's build that future together.

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